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  • just to get sure:
    you check frontpage for a page/post/custom-post where you have some content filled at backend. either photo or text.

    // check if the flexible content field has rows of data
    if( have_rows('travel_gallery') ):
         // loop through the rows of data
        while ( have_rows('travel_gallery') ) : the_row();
            if( get_row_layout() == 'travel_text_row' ){
              $get_travel_text = get_sub_field('travel_text');
              echo $get_travel_text;
              echo '<br>normally above should stand the text';
            if( get_row_layout() == 'travel_photo_row' ){ 
              $get_travel_photo = get_sub_field('travel_photo');
              echo $get_travel_photo;
              echo '<br>normally above should come the image';
    else :
        // no layouts found
      echo 'no layouts found';

    your code look correct. but what is the result when you use mine instead?