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  • Let’s say, i have a CPT: ‘Performance’, with a few Custom Fields (also an ACF-Gallery field). I have a single-performance.php, where you can see all the things about a performance (also the element of the ACF-Gallery field).
    I made a page-gallery.php. In the admin site of this, there is an ACF-Relationship Field (with multiple values), where you can choose performances.
    I wrote a code in the page-gallery.php, which displays the Featured Image and the Title of the Performances, which are set in the ACF-Relationship field. Now, the Titles and Images are links to the single-performance.php. My goal is, if they click on a Title/Image, then they see a page, where only the Images of the Performance appears, and not the hole single-performance.php.
    But i have no idea how to do that. I need like one more single-performance.php, which appears different as the first one. I can write the content of it, but i don’t know how to name it, and how to create a link to it.