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  • Hello Elliot,
    in your tutorial you say to transalte Field Groups and do nothing on Fields.
    But in the WPML options I can’t find any “fields” option, just Fields Groups.

    Maybe this happens because I’m using the WPML Translation Management addon to use icanlocalize professional translations.

    I’ve also marked as “translate” all the custom fields as you say in the part “avoid data loss”.

    When I send to professional translators this contents, they are able to translate all the fields, and I get this fields translated in the WPML translations editor interface (screenshot:

    But If I open the post normally, in the standard WP edit interface, fields are not there (screenshot:

    I understand that this is also a WPML issue and that they should help as well, but unfortunately any request about ACF in WPML forum is answered with this sentence “ACF is not in our compatibility list, you should use Types instead of ACF”…

    Is there someone able to make repeater and flexible fields translatable by icanlocalize professionals?