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  • I’d have to agree with simchris.

    If you’ve purchased the Pro version, I’m not sure how much support I’d expect for questions along the “How do I” line though.

    For example, if it’s a question about something that’s really more about general WP then it is about ACF Pro those questions are probably not going to get an answer. When I visit here I do see a lot of questions that are more general WP questions than ACF specific questions.

    Even when they are questions that are specific to how to do something with ACF, the documentation that’s available on this site is really good, and how to questions are likely to go unanswered by support, especially if it is something that’s covered in the documentation.

    I don’t want to discount anyone that’s saying they’re having a problem getting answers from support, just saying that there may or may not be a valid reason why you’re not getting a response.

    I do know that whenever I submit a bug report or when I’m asking about something that is not working the way I expect it to work that I generally get a reply within 24 hours.