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  • Hi Elliot,

    An old client has reached out to me after foolishly upgrading not only their WordPress install to the latest version (4.1), but also the previous version of ACF (3.?) to 4.4.0. without any regard to compatibility in general. Obviously some things have broken, and I’m trying to determine the quickest way to restore things to a working version. Of course there are no site backups, and from what I can tell, it appears that the previous custom fields I created are missing (not displaying), BUT the field groups themselves ARE still in tact. I’ve read in the forums about database upgrades during the plugin upgrade process and was wondering if that was something I could force to occur as a possible quick solution? As I’m exploring options, I was also wondering if you could provide me with information to download previous versions (3.x etc) to try resolving that way. For whatever reason, I’m unable to find those links on your site.

    Many many thanks in advance!