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  • I’m not convinced this is a bug in ACF. I’ve installed Pro on a lot of sites without seeing this problem. It seems to only be a problem with certain hosting providers. If some people have a problem and others don’t then you have to look at the thing that is different between them. In this case the only difference is where the sites are hosted.

    If this was me I’d be on my hosting provider and I’d be on them until they figured out why their servers can’t seem to connect to the update server.

    Eliot could provide a secondary server for the update process, maybe. But would this solve your problem? Without knowing why your host cannot connect to the update server chances are you’d still have the same problem.

    I personally think that asking E to setup a secondary update server is a bit much. Like I said in a previous comment, when the Pro version idea was first announced I expected that I’d be updating manually. There are a lot of premium plugins out there that do not have automated updating.

    As far as the time involved. Well, when you build a site for a client do you tell them that you’ll keep everything up to day, and do that work for free? forever? Once the site in launched updating is either the client’s responsibility or should be something that they need to pay extra for.