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  • I been using ACF and WPML and Woocommerce for a long time with very complex ACF and language setup. I Just installed the ACF PRO and this become Changed:

    The “Duplicate” of a ACF is no longer dublicated, it creates a translated independent copy of the original language field setup. Before you could see the WPML box “Make xxx fieldgroup independent” (WPML will no longer sync…)

    Today, if we add changes in the Field group, we must add the “new” fields in that fieldgroup, values, etc etc manually for EACH translated field group. Not fun when using 10 languages.

    On the other hand, To make headlines, titles translated, the field group MUST released as a “duplicate” and become independent. (As before)

    We always keep the fieldgroups as “dublicated” (But now ACF cant do it) as long as possible, and when all testing and the client is happy, we release all translations and finally, translate the labels and titles.

    REF Elliots article “Multilingual Custom Fields”

    in WPML “Mulitilingual setup — Custom fields translation”, These properties (Custom fields) has to be checked as “Copy from original to translation”:


    Then, everything works fine for us, as for many installs, last 3 years, update after update WPML + ACF.