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  • EDIT: after more debugging I found the real issue in the post below this one.

    So I thought that changing the “sponsors” repeater field to “ky_sponsors” was the solution but it doesn’t look like it.

    Here’s what I’ve done and what I’ve found about this issue.

    I deployed the site from my local install with duplicator to godaddy. Tried to save options but 404 error on one of my option pages. However no problems on my local install.

    Narrowed the problem down to a repeater field called “sponsors”. Changed the name of the field to “ky_sponsors” on godaddy, save options and it works.

    Make the same change to my local server of changing the field to “ky_sponsors” then sync the godaddy installation with my local installation with migrate db pro. Try and save the problematic option page on godaddy server and 404 error again.

    So I change the field back to “sponsors” on the godaddy server, save options and it works.

    Based on all of this I think the problem has to be due to something with godaddy + duplicator/migrate db pro + ACF. The problem seems to happen when databases are being synced.

    Maybe the “sponsors” field isn’t being written properly during the database syncs? I don’t know enough mysql to answer that though.

    Any ideas?