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  • hey,

    i have pretty much the same issue.

    After setting “translate” for “field groups” and
    “do nothing” for “fields”
    at wpml options
    I can now create independent acf’s for the translation with independent field_names. saving here works…

    on a page/post i can copy the acfs with content to the translated page but when i edit the translated page it always gets overwritten by the acf’s from the default language page.

    trying to achieve:
    i need to copy content with acfs from a default language post to a translated language post. and then edit each language’s acf independently

    On every other project it just works fine that way…

    i already tried:

    1. 1)
      no success
    2. 2)
      no success
    3. 3)
      deleting wpml completely and deactivating acf and all other plugins.
      then install wpml first and then activate acf again.
      no success.
    4. 4)
      tried every possible combination of settings in both plugins available.
      no success

    I can provide some login values to you elliot so you can test the bug and hopefully solve it!

    My next step would be to downgrade acf to an earlier version.

    acf: 5.0.9
    wordpress: 4.0

    greetings timotheus