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  • I was helped out by this comment:

    “We had to check
    – “Translate” for “Fields Group” and
    – “Do nothing” for “Fields””

    I am working most with repeaters, and dynamically added fields. I guess these populated fields are being a little cumbersome sometimes – since there is a “dont translate”, “copy”, “translate” setting for each field generated.

    Sometimes I of course wish to copy all content from the originating language – especially when repeaters are used – since the new language most often want the same structure.

    I have been running some javascript in the Chromes Console. So that ALL fields-labels in “Settings for Multilingual content” easily can be set to “copy”-mode, and then revert them all to “Translate”. Since these settings for each field otherwise must be done one by one.

    But it is not a optimal solution, if there only were a few custom meta-data – then it is no problem. But my sites tends to be built with repeaters, blocks, columns – and all through ACF of course (WordPress would not be cool if there were no ACF 😉