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  • I saw your thread and all of them were answered, except one which was a minor issue. Two others threads not marked as solved were answered directly by Elliot, who is the main developer of ACF, you could not ask better.

    In one case Elliot just said he added your solution to his todo.
    And on the other he saw the bug and asked why WPML was reacting this strange way, did you write to WPML to check about that? Are you sure there is no workaround to solve your specific issue?

    I know ACF since it started, it is a big project, indeed, but as far as I know it’s one of the best plugin I ever saw (remember that it was free until version 5).

    Nothing’s perfect, I understand it is bad to be confronted to new bug on new release. Also, WPML is particularly a huge project, which it makes difficult to assure 100% compatibility with.