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  • Just without giving much thought:

    1. You can easily filter your data. For example if you created a Real Estate Site, you can now easily have filters to display properties only in a certain area, between price ranges, how many bedrooms, etc… I use the plugin Filter Everything, it gets 10 minutes to get used to, but in the end I can create all the filters that I need without any coding.

    2. You can easily setup front end submissions and front end editing if you wish.

    3. Organize your editing with conditions. For example, the example being a Real Estate site again, if the property is an office building, you can conditionally have a field for how many offices are in the building, while for residential homes, you can have bedrooms instead.

    4. I know that with Gutenberg you can have different templates (patterns) to accomplish #3, but with custom fields, editing the data will be much easier, and less time consuming. Furthermore, if you don’t care for #1 and #2, with ACF Pro you can very easily create ACF custom blocks to structure your data and make editing a simpler task, without accidentally messing up the layout.