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  • Yeah, I’ve been keeping the license active on the devel site (the production site doesn’t get the valid license). That allows me to do plugin updates and test it out before going live with any changes.

    I git control both my devel and production sites so I basically push the changes once I see the update didn’t break anything, and then I pull on the production site.

    This has been the battle rhythm that I’ve I’ve been doing for years.

    It was only when I noticed on the manage licenses page that it supports development/staging and not counting against the license usage, that’s when I went down the rabbit hole and wondered why my staging/development site is not considered staging/development.

    It’d be nice for the developers to expand the domain strings that they’re looking for. I’ve been using devel even before I noticed this staging function in the license management page so it would be a breaking change if I had to change the domain name to dev instead (which is what Support initially suggested that I do).