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  • okay, that makes sense. But I still don’t have a solution better solution. This was the solution that the developers came up with for large repeaters.

    A solution might be possible, but it would not be easy. I would start by looking at the repeater JS code and see how ACF is getting the pages. You could potentially add a new button that loads more rows without removing the previous rows. You’ll fine ACF’s code in /advanced-custom-fields-pro/assets/build/js/pro/acf-pro-input.js starting on line 1162.

    I know of no existing solutions.

    You might want to suggest adding a search feature or contact the devs or maybe even opening a support ticket.

    ACF repeaters and flex fields have always had a scalability issue. This is something that is not pointed out in the docs but it should be along with suggestions on better ways to manage large amounts data.