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  • Commenting here just in case there are others who may need this solution. The function that is most helpful here is wp_style_engine_get_styles. When used in your block rendering script, you can call this function to produce the inline styles needed to render your block correctly.

    I made a little utility function for doing so and generally include it in all of the ACF blocks we’re building. Hope it helps. =)

     * Given an $block object from an ACF block for gutenberg:
     * This will return a string of CSS inline values suitable for
     * inclusion in the block output in PHP.
     * @param  mixed $block
     * @return $style as string
    function acf_blocks_calculate_inline_styles( $block ) {
    	if ( ! empty( $block['style'] ) ) {
    		$style_engine = wp_style_engine_get_styles( $block['style'] );
    		$style        = $style_engine['css'];
    	} else {
    		$style = '';
    	return $style;
    	// echo '<div style="' . $style . '">Block content</div>';