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  • It is no different than building a custom theme any other way except that it uses ACF to create custom fields for use in the theme.

    There are many ways to build wordpress themes. At one time all themes were build by PHP developers hand coding files. ACF extends what can be done with only what is available in the WP admin.

    Generally when building a custom theme and using ACF there was some specific functionality that the client wanted that could be achieved with ACF that could not be achieved without ACF. The theme for your client was build specifically for them. There is nothing keeping them from using the same theme on another site but they are the only once that has access to that theme.

    There are likely thousands or even hundreds of thousands of developers that build custom themes using ACF. The free version of ACF is installed on more than 2 million websites and I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at the number of sites using ACF Pro.

    ACF is for developers that build themes using PHP code rather than a site or page builders.