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  • I have similar problem, but when i try above it doesn’t work:(
    I have a page where I have a custom field (by ACF) that displays an email address (in ACF it is named “adres_e-mail”). I want to use this field in a contact form 7 to send an e-mail to this address stored in the custom field “adres_e-mail”. How can I do it? I started with that I want to display this field with field
    [dynamictext dynamictext “CF7_get_custom_field key=’adres_e-mail'”]
    hoping that as I can display the field, that means it is stored in the correct field and I can use it in the TO e-mail field… But I can’t display this field. Nor the method “CF7_get_custom_field” or above method “acf field=’adres_e-mail'”. Please help!

    P.S. of course iam using Contact Form 7 – Dynamic Text Extension