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  • Hi @curious-toad
    I posted a question on facebook acf group about this issue and got an interesting suggestion. It was to use the Local JSON feature ( – I didn’t know about it at all. What you do is create an acf-json file in your theme folder (there are hooks to change the location). Acf looks for the folder when a field group is updated/saved and puts a json copy of the group in the file. This means that the changes to acf field groups can now be migrated to other sites using normal file change procedures rather than database stuff. If that file present on your “destination” site, Acf will show that there are changed/new field groups available for “sync” and if you click sync on each group that needs a sync, you’re done. I tried this on the test environment I set up and it works well.
    I wanted to check with you if you have tried this approach and if you still see issues if you have tried it? I am hesitant to change my workflows in case this has more problems. I plan on testing this on my “real” expanded setup when I get a chance and will let you know what I find.