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  • Hi @john-homenuke. Thanks for the reply.

    I set the priority to 20. That did not do the trick, unfortunately.

    I reconfirmed the path to the json directory is correct. I confirmed that chmod is 755 for the json directory. There is no plugin interference (no other plugins except ACF PRO and my little plugin here are active). The json file does work when imported using the ACF interface. For the heck of it I tried the acf/settings/save_json feature which allows you to save to a set directory. That works fine. There’s nothing unique about my case. Hmm. I’m stumped.

    It does make me wanna confirm this hook is firing at the correct time. How can I ensure it’s not firing after ACF has been initiated? Right? That would be an issue to resolve although I suspect it’s not the case here being that this is the only thing loading on my plugin and there are no other plugins active. Hmm.