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  • Hello

    In my application, I am using a custom field of type radio and putting the values ​​as follows: (red: <img src='' />) thus my user can choose an image and not text, easing administration. This works OK.

    The problem is that I want other fields are conditional on this. When I select another field is conditional and select this radio, the options do not appear, this because the ACF seeks the legend and not the value of the radio.


    Type: Radio; 
    Name: color; 
    Values ​​(
    red: <img src='' /> 
    green: <img src='' /> 
    blue: <img src='' /> 
    Type: Text; 
    Name: Title-Box; 
    Conditional: (
    When color == green 

    I believe that the whole problem is to be using an html image where it should be text only. However I think the plugin should fetch the value of the radio and not the label.