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  • Hmm I’m sorry, thought I explained it clearly so I’m not sure what more information I can add to that.

    So there’s nothing in ACF to display the submitted forms in detail without having to click on a modal pop-up button?

    I’m sure I can grab the submitted information for a specific form and loop through it displaying the fields wherever I want, right? I’m just having issues displaying submitted forms wherever I’d like to on a page with all the information shown without having to click on a button to pop up the information on a modal.

    I think I just need a way to grab all submission fields on a form and display them directly on a page. Kind of like how the list does already, but instead of just a title and a Review button, I’d like the title and all other fields displayed.

    Even if the solution is through php or javascript, I just need nudged in the right direction.

    Thank you!