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  • Ok! Trying one of the sites that imported wrong with ACF PRO 5.0.1. A LOT of things are working much better, great job!!

    The repeaters seem to be coming through right.

    Galleries are coming through as galleries, YAY!

    A few of the Flexible Content fields are NOT importing and are instead converting to a text field. The one in question has a lot of entries with long field names, not sure why that would matter, though. It is attached to a CPT.

    The Flexible content field associated with Blog Posts is not importing – although the Repeaters and Flex Content areas with Pages are importing.
    The “Message” Fields in this site are showing as empty text fields? This wasn’t happening with 5.0.0?

    Relationship fields are not importing – setting to text fields.

    The site that I am trying to upgrade to ACF PRO hasn’t been launched yet, if you want access to run backup buddy and then try the ACF PRO upgrade, I can give you access. I could give you access to the database as well, if you want to see what is happening. This is a fairly complicated ACF site – could be useful. I would just need you to revert the database when you are done.