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  • @dsouzaj86 @nicmare, can you provide a little insight on my template?

    while I can very see the logic you propose (great kudos to you), I’m a little lost on how to apply it to the type of template I need.

    Basically, I need this type of markup output

        <div id="demoTab">          
            <ul class="resp-tabs-list">
                <li> Tab 1 </li>
                <li> .... </li>
                <li> .... </li>
            <div class="resp-tabs-container">                                                        
                <div> tab content with  <InnerBlocks /></div>
                <div> ....... </div>
                <div> ....... </div>

    and it escapes me how to obtain it without repeaters.

    Do you think it’s possible in the first place? Can you help me shed some light?

    thanks in advance,