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  • sorry for late reply. yes. according to acf6 you now should use register_block_type (instead of acf_register_block_type) and load the block.json file. Example:

      "name"              : "lmdm/tabitem",
      "title"             : "Tab-Inhalt",
      "description"       : "Tab-Inhalt",
      "category"          : "widgets",
      "icon"              : "<svg width=\"80px\" height=\"80px\" viewBox=\"0 0 80 80\" xmlns=\"\">\n    <g id=\"icon-tab-item\" stroke=\"none\" stroke-width=\"1\" fill=\"none\" fill-rule=\"evenodd\">\n        <path d=\"M31.0453442,11.6287145 L31.0453442,27 L75,27 L75,75 L5,75 L5,27 L10.2507421,27 L10.2507421,11.6287145 L31.0453442,11.6287145 Z\" id=\"Rectangle\" stroke=\"#000000\" stroke-width=\"4\"></path>\n        <rect id=\"Rectangle\" fill=\"#000000\" x=\"13\" y=\"35\" width=\"54\" height=\"32\"></rect>\n    </g>\n</svg>",
      "keywords"          : ["tabs","navi","accordion","accordeon"],
      "parent"            : ["lmdm/tabgroup"],
      "supports"          : {
        "align"     : false,
        "align_text" : true,
        "multiple" : true,
        "color" : {
          "background": false
        "jsx" : true
      "acf": {
        "mode": "preview",
        "renderTemplate": "index.php"