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  • Anywhere that there is a gallery, it gets set to “text” after the update to PRO. Then I have to go into the custom field and set it back to “gallery”. It finds the content if I do this. Actually, on second look, one gallery kept it’s gallery setting. The one gallery that kept it’s gallery setting is only associated with one page. The other two galleries are for blog posts and a portfolio cpt. So, maybe pages are keeping the gallery and posts are not. All 3 gallery fields in the site are in different custom fields. All 3 have different gallery names, and all custom fields have different titles and post_names – double checked in the database.

    The flexible content is being set to “text” as well. Setting it to “flexible content” creates an empty flexible content area. If I look in the wp_postmeta table, the flexible content fields that were entered with that page by ID are still there, so I suppose if I rebuilt the entire flexible content custom field, it may pick up the data from the database.

    The post_names are all still exactly the same as when the site was running ACF 4, and none of them are repeats.

    It seems that the flexible content and gallery fields are more often than not defaulting to the “text” custom field when the move happens. This may be where the problem is happening? The one repeater that I have on this site associated with a page kept its value.

    The flexible content field I have contains: layout 1: image, text, wysiwyg. layout 2 : post_object. layout 3: image, text. There are 39 total entries associated with this specific page, mixed between the different layouts.

    Please let me know how I can provide you more information to help debug this, thanks so much!