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  • Elliot

    Sorry for my poor explanations..

    On my dev machine I’ve pushed the 5.0 Pro (I’ve bought and use repeater with 4.0 release )
    So I install the new release and run the database upgrade as required by the new release installation.

    One of my group of fields has a rule based on some taxonomy values.
    After the migration, instead of the taxonomy name, i’ve got the taxonomy ID, but just for the current value,.
    In the select box, all others items are based on taxononomy text

    In the first image, you can see the good things (it is actually my prod version)
    The second is what I have on dev machine after migration.

    On other groups, I do not have this issue when for example I use publication type as rule…

    Sure it is a bug, so I’m waiting for a fix for production release…


    before migration

    after migration