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  • ACF v5 will attempt to be fully compatible with WPML!

    Unfortunately 5.0.0 is not (yet).

    Bought ACF 5 PRO today (as free uograde with repeater for 4.x) and installed on a website with WPML 3.1.6 (latest version).

    Added a fieldgroup with a simple text-field in main language, group shows up as expected on an existing page, but not on translated page.

    No problem so far, had to add a translation to fieldgroup itself first. Now it showed up fine on translated page.

    Went back to main language page, wow, fieldgroup is shown twice(!) there now.

    Thought, ok, let’s go back to start, put translated fieldgroup in trash, put main language fieldgroup in trash, empty trash.

    No more fieldgroups are shown on ACF page.

    But, if I edit the existing main language page again, the two fieldgroups are still there!

    I dig into it and find that acf_get_field_groups() in admin_head still returns data if called on edit page.

    No idea where the comes from. There are no posts with type acf-field-group in wp_posts table. I also disabled the wp_cache lines within acf_get_field_groups(), still the same.

    As soon as I disable WPML or ACF PRO the fields are gone.

    Any idea?