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  • it worked great before online, i had integrated a product carousel through elementor except 2 weeks ago, i thought it was from the update so i went back to my site to the previous acf version and elementor it 2 weeks ago, that doesn’t change the problem
    I am actually in 7.4 in PHP on the local and in 7.3 online with OVH, I went to 7.4 on OVH but nothing helped.
    I tried to recreate a Template just in case but nothing helps.

    If your local version works, can you not upload a copy of that to your hosting server? Ensure PHP version matches and see if that works.

    Si votre version locale fonctionne, ne pouvez-vous pas en télécharger une copie sur votre serveur d’hébergement ? Assurez-vous que la version PHP correspond et voyez si cela fonctionne.