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  • I have a two field groups called boats and engines. Between them there is a relationship. When viewing a boat, it pulls the engine from the engines group.

    If I manually add two different engines on a boat post (through the nifty relationship-box) and export the boat, I see something like this (see image 1):
    ID, Title, …, Engine relationships
    The data would look something like this: 26, Sunkeeper, MTU | Caterpillar | MAN

    When I try to import, and hit the autodetect all fields-button, I don’t see an “Engine relationships” field.

    Manually adding the field and mapping it to the engine_relationships field from the csv file, does not add the data to the database. However, it does override whatever data was already in the engine_relationships field. Say I manually added a few engines before an import, after the import the field is empty.

    Image 1: