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  • I don’t mean to sound negative. This is a user forum, users helping users. And I’m really the only one that works these forums regularly trying to answer what I can. Others do reply at times. People that have the level of experience with Elementor that you need are not likely to frequent the forums and there is no ACF documentation on integrating with page builders unless it comes from the developers of the page builders. There are really too many of them for the developer of ACF to give us documentation for them all. Any documentation for integration with ACF needs to come from the page builders that support its use.

    I do not use page builders and a majority of the developers that use ACF also don’t really used page builders which is why topics like this one don’t get replies. The best I can do is see if I can find any documentation and help. In this case I can’t even find any “developer” type documentation to explain how to do something with Elementor using WP filters to add coding. Elementor’s is targeted more at non-coders where ACF’s target market, for the most part is market is PHP coders.