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  • I also find this UI/UX issue to go against the whole principle of Gutenberg. The main point of Gutenberg is for users (our less-technical clients) to be able to easily edit block content. It just makes sense for all the block content fields/settings/controls to be wrapped in accordions in the edit post sidebar.

    The repeater field is one of the best parts of ACF, and it feels like it just wasn’t even considered how it would display in the narrow edit post sidebar.

    I could increase the width of the sidebar, but not all clients have large screens to work on, and the Gutenberg editor real-estate is valuable so I would not want to decrease it by much.

    Any ideas besides “edit mode”? I would love to hear from Elliot on this, as it really seems like something that needs addressing.

    Thanks for hearing me out. 🙂