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  • Hi,

    I just migrated a Website from Drupal to WordPress using the FG Drupal to WP plugin and after some difficulties (process kept stopping and had to be resumed constantly), I succeeded. The problem is that yes, the plugin requires the use of Toolset Types, which I don’t want to use, I prefer ACF like most people around here.

    So it works, but now I need to turn Toolset fields into ACF fields, and if I understand that I need to recreate all the fields in ACF, i don’t see how I can transfer the content of the Toolset fields to the new ACF ones.

    In his message, @pixeline doesn’t say anything about that part, only to modify the template, but it looks like there’s a missing step between 3 and 4: move the Toolset data to ACF fields.

    If @pixeline or @muzKore (or somebody else) can give me a hand here, I’d appreciate ☺️