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  • Hello,
    I met this bug last night.

    I don’t figure out why the event click doesn’t fire in iPad in this case (image field in repeater field).

    I even add a script to see what happen on iPad when we click on this input :

    $(document).on('click', function(e){
        // All devices return : <input type="button" class="button add-image" value="Ajouter une image"> // NB French locale
        // iPad return nothing

    The only way i found to fire the onclick is to add a touchstart event like following :

    // input.js ; line 2831
    $(document).on('click touchstart', '.acf-image-uploader .add-image', function( e ){
        acf.fields.image.set({ $el : $(this).closest('.acf-image-uploader') }).popup();

    And it works.