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  • Thanks for the new input, I tried this for my self.

    If I use default gutenberg blocks and look at the preview, it doesn’t shows an image. This is real html. So if I use your example @jghazally . I got only a preview, when my acf register mode is edit

            'name' => 'columntext',
            'title' => __('ColumnText'),
            'description' => __(''),
            'render_callback' => 'acfBlockRenderer',
            'category' => 'modules',
            'icon' => 'format-image',
            'keywords' => array('columntext'),
            'mode' => 'edit', // <<<<<
            'example' => array(
                'attributes' => array(
                    'title' => 'Title',
                    'description' => 'A Description',

    but then I have a preview of my created custom fields.
    When I am using the mode “preview” then the he creates an html preview. I can see my html structure. But it is empty because the fields are not filled in.

    So the question is: Is it possible to fill this with placeholders (may be a little bit tricky) or why the block doesn’t use the cover image for the preview

    example: {
        attributes: {
            cover: '',
            author: 'William Shakespeare',
            pages: 500