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  • @hube2 The only error I get in the admin page when I’m on the page edit mode (it seems like a console warning and not an error actually):

    [DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id #_wpnonce: (More info: http post.php?post=55&action=edit:1 s://
    <input type="hidden" id="_wpnonce" name="_wpnonce" value="0194ea0431">
    <input type="hidden" id="_wpnone" name="_wpnonce" value="ac8d4cf2e1">

    I attached a picture to show what I mean. In the past I used to have an add row button. Now I don’t (even in the actual custom field creation, I used to have fields that allowed me to choose what the button should be called e.g. I could call it “Add Box” or “Add Row” etc. Those fields themselves are now gone as well).