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  • This is still a problem for me. I’ve tried disabling all plugins but that didn’t work. I tried a fresh install of WordPress 5.3 and ACF 5.8.7, and this doesn’t work as well.

    If I try to download acf through plugins, then the “updates” menu where I would normally put in the key doesn’t show up. If I try to download the actual zip folder and then put the extracted content into my plugins folder (to forcefully ensure that ACF pro is available), I get to put in my activation key, but it still doesn’t work (in that the repeater “add” button on the particular page that houses the ACF isn’t actually available still).

    No matter what i do (I also tried to convert this into classic editor for wordpress), i haven’t been able to get the “add row” button to appear so that I can make use of the repeater function.