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  • Hi @elliot:
    I’ve encountered a similar problem and have done some digging to try and get to the bottom of it. I tried the fix you mentioned above (got the new code from github: and it didn’t work.

    When the user type “subscriber” is logged in, they can see the custom fields that are assigned to “User = All”.

    However, both a “contributor” and an “author” cannot see these fields. The next step up, “Editor” and, of course, “Admin” can.

    I messed around with the capabilities assigned to the various roles. And when I add “edit_posts” as a capability to “subscriber” it breaks. I haven’t figured out what other capabilities “counter balance” the issue to where an Editor is able to see the custom fields in their profile.

    I even edited “everything_fields.php” to try and see if moving the placement of the custom fields helps. I changed line 424 to echo "$('#createuser > table.form-table:first > tbody').append( html );";. The same issue manifested.

    Thought that this may help to further address the issue. Of course I’m trying to achieve every user type to see the custom fields assigned to the post type = user.

    Deep thanks for the hard work on this family of plugins. I use almost all of them now on a daily basis. They rock!