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  • ok i have sort of narrowed it down. I tried to recreate the issue onanother fresh wordpress install and I was able to step by step recreate it. Turns out that the code is all good, it is what is entered in to the wysiwyg field that breaks it. The code being used in the field is a shop style collective widget. When i use text it is no problem but when i use the code from them for the widget it breaks it. Strangely enough it only breaks it in the post slider module, and not anywhere else it is used within the beaver builder site. Furthermore when i go through the widget code and remove the iframe portion of the code, viola it stops the endless loop. so it has something to do with that. My question is now is this a ACF change that made it stop or a BB module change that made it stop working or is it a WP core change…. and then how could I possibly make it work again.