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  • Hi John,
    Thanks for your help

    My problem was general PHP, I did PHP in PHP.

    So I opened and closed correctly my php tag

    Thank you for helping me on the fact that I used the code of the post_object like in the documentation here

    Thank you for telling me that I could use the get_field simply

    <div class="experiences">
    // Check value exists.
    if( have_rows('experiences') ):
                    echo '<h2 data-fontsize="24" data-lineheight="27">Expériences</h2><table class="listexp"><tr class="title"><td class ="date-in">Du</td><td class ="date-out">Au</td><td class ="agrement">Agrément du centre</td><td class ="adresse">Adresse</td><td class ="notif">Notification</td></tr>';
        // Loop through rows.
        while ( have_rows('experiences') ) : the_row();
            // Case: Paragraph layout.
            if( get_row_layout() == 'experience' ):
                $du = get_sub_field('date_entree');
                $au = get_sub_field('date_sortie');
                $ctrlid = get_sub_field('agrement_du_centre');            
                $notif = get_sub_field('notification_ch_ctrl'); ?>
                <?php echo '<tr><td class ="date-in">' . $du . '</td>' ?>
                <?php echo '<td class ="date-out">' . $au . '</td>' ?>
                <?php echo '<td class ="agrement">' ?>
                <?php echo get_the_title( $ctrlid ); ?>
                <?php echo '</td>' ?>
                <?php echo '<td class ="adresse">' ?>
                <?php the_field('cp_du_centre', $ctrlid); ?> <?php the_field('ville_du_centre', $ctrlid); ?>
                <?php echo '</td>' ?>
                <?php echo '<td class ="notif"><a href="' . $notif . '" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-file-pdf-o"></i></a></td></tr>'; ?>
            <?php endif;
        echo '</table>';
        echo '<h2 data-fontsize="24" data-lineheight="27">Nombre de VTP par année</h2><p><i>Aucune valeur</i></p>';
    endif; ?>

    In the input form in wp_admin : $ctrlid is a post selector that returns the id of the selected post.

    This code could be light, I would take the time to heal my code later