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  • @hube2

    I like where your head is at. I’m in a similar boat – not wanting to be dependent on the default wordpress editor.

    Using repeaters and flexible content I’ve created builders that allow me or my clients to build really nice looking pages and blog posts.

    In other places where I have pages/ sites that I’ve pre-built, and I want my clients to enter info like a personal photo, bio, email etc I use site options tables, and insert the info wherever necessary.

    My issue is that although I can get really nice looking results on the front end, I struggle to get my back end ACF fields to look as clean as other builders.

    Thinking forward a few more years, I think it’s really critical, for my clients at least, that the whole editing experience is more or less wysiwyg.

    When people see endless commercials for wix style editors, I don’t want my site editing experience to seem a decade behind…

    I’m trying to decide if I go all in my ACF page builder and try to make the backend editing look more like the front end results, or if I should try to build custom modules for a builder like Beaver Builder. Either using their global blocks, or possibly continuing to store everything in ACF, but exposing the data into custom beaver builder modules for “front end” editing experience… not even 100% sure that’s even possible.

    Maybe a third option is something like what mailchimp does, where you click on a preview and it loads up acf fields to edit in a sidebar. Instead of clicking “add row” in a repeater/ flexible content having a panel where users can click to select a layout. Sounds cool, but would be beyond my current abilities to develop.

    I’m curious of your perspective, and if you’ve come across any potential solutions since it doesn’t appear guttenberg will be the answer.