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  • Hey James,

    Thanks for this, however I’m not seeing any outputted results.

    First I should preface that this is in a repeater because I plan on having more than one address associated with a listing. But for this test it shouldn’t matter.

    I created a shortcode to test and it just outputs ” and nothing else.

    Doing a var_dump of the field gets this, not sure if it helps.

    array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["dancer_address"]=> array(3) { ["address"]=> string(19) "Miami, Florida, USA" ["lat"]=> string(10) "25.7616798" ["lng"]=> string(18) "-80.19179020000001" } ["state"]=> string(2) "FL" } } , ,

    Disregard the state field that is shown because that is not part of the Google Map itself, it’s a custom field I added to the repeater because I was stumped on how to accurately pick out the state from the Google Map array, so I just created a new field to be added manually.