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  • Thanks for the pointer here, John – I think I’m really close to getting this to work.

    I am using an ACF field named surname_linked to create a relationship between one term in the surname custom taxonomy and another.

    The code below successfully adds a two way relationship between the taxonomy terms, but fails to remove taxonomy terms from the linked term when the term is removed.

    Maybe you can spot where I’m going wrong?

    /* Bi-directional Surname taxonomy term updating - to keep Surname terms in sync */
    function gwsfhs_bidirectional_acf_update_value( $value, $post_id, $field ) {
    	// vars
    	$field_name = $field['name'];
    	$field_key = $field['key'];
    	$global_name = 'is_updating_' . $field_name;
    	// bail early if this filter was triggered from the update_field() function called within the loop below
    	// - this prevents an inifinte loop
    	if( !empty($GLOBALS[ $global_name ]) ) return $value;
    	// set global variable to avoid inifite loop
    	// - could also remove_filter() then add_filter() again, but this is simpler
    	$GLOBALS[ $global_name ] = 1;
    	// loop over selected posts and add this $post_id
    	if( is_array($value) ) {
    		foreach( $value as $post_id2 ) {
    			// load existing related posts
    			$value2 = get_field($field_name, 'surname_'.$post_id2, false);
    			// allow for selected posts to not contain a value
    			if( empty($value2) ) {
    				$value2 = array();
          $prefix = 'term_';
          $post_id = preg_replace('/^' . preg_quote($prefix, '/') . '/', '', $post_id);
    			// bail early if the current $post_id is already found in selected post's $value2
    			if( in_array($post_id, $value2) ) continue;
    			// append the current $post_id to the selected post's 'related_posts' value
    			$value2[] = $post_id;
    			// update the selected post's value (use field's key for performance)
    			update_field($field_key, $value2, 'surname_'.$post_id2);
    	// find posts which have been removed
    	$old_value = get_field($field_name, 'surname_'.$post_id, false);
    	if( is_array($old_value) ) {
    		foreach( $old_value as $post_id2 ) {
    			// bail early if this value has not been removed
    			if( is_array($value) && in_array($post_id2, $value) ) continue;
    			// load existing related posts
    			$value2 = get_field($field_name, 'surname_'.$post_id2, false);
    			// bail early if no value
    			if( empty($value2) ) continue;
    			// find the position of $post_id within $value2 so we can remove it
    			$pos = array_search($post_id, $value2);
    			// remove
    			unset( $value2[$pos] );
    			// update the un-selected post's value (use field's key for performance)
    			update_field($field_key, $value2, 'surname_'.$post_id2);
    	// reset global varibale to allow this filter to function as per normal
    	$GLOBALS[ $global_name ] = 0;
    	// return
        return $value;
    add_filter('acf/update_value/name=surname_linked', 'gwsfhs_bidirectional_acf_update_value', 10, 3);