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  • For “media modal window” I mean the default modal-box that WordPress show when a user have to upload a image or a file in a post. The same that the Gallery Field show when I click the “upload image” blue button.

    If I select a pre-existing image in Media the gallery works and display them right in the admin and in the front-end.
    If i upload a new image, it is correctly uploaded and show in the gallery-field box BUT when I save the post or when i update the post… the last uploaded image disappear and the pre-existing images remain correctly in the gallery.

    I see that the new image is correctly uploaded in the website, i can see it in the Media section.

    The field have unique name, and it work for long time until now.
    Other ACF for the same post-type works great.

    The unique major change I made in the website is enable WPML.

    Any ideas?