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  • Hi @elliot!

    It’s exactly what @Bienfeo and @unkulunkulu have already described. But let me try to be a bit more precise (and correct) on this issue:

    In case a file with the name “wp-content/object-cache.php” exists (which is provided by the quite common “Memcached” plugin “”, version 2.0.2), then updating of ACF values will fail (not creation though!).

    I was wondering if you could emit a simple pointer to this issue at the top of the ACF management section in the backend (“wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=acf”, which integrates the “create_options” method from each field type). That place would be where you get stuck in case you have an “wp-content/object-cache.php” installed and you could simply tell people:

    If you are unable to update ACF values, please try removing or renaming the file “wp-content/object-cache.php” from your installation.