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  • Hi @elliot,

    Thanks for the reply!….Actually, that was my fault – the photographer name doesnt use the repeater…Thanks for noticing that.

    Also, I think i need to clarify regarding the URL…I’m actually trying to have the name of the Photographer be a hyperlink to a specified url…Each post may have a different photographer….so, I may have something backwards in how I setup my field and code.

    Currently, in the admin for the post – I have the field to type the name of the photographer, but I assume I also need the option to include a URL associated the name.

    The field type that I am currently using is “Text”.

    Below is an example of the code I am using now, which does make the Photographers name clickable – but, now how do I associate a specific URL?

    I left a gap in the code on purpose, coz I assume that is where I fill in the missing code…right?

    <p class="image_photographer">Image Courtesy of: <a href="[URL FIELD CODE GOES HERE]; ?>" target="_blank"><?php the_field('image_photographer'); ?></a>

    Hopefully, you can see what I did wrong there, and what im trying to do