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  • To add to my original messages – this is still an issue, and happens intermittently regardless of user role. I have several admins who will be able to edit images, but then suddenly can’t, unless they upload a new image. And it doesn’t even matter if the image upload is successful – the upload can stall out, and for whatever reason, once they’ve tried that, then editing capabilities are restored.

    I’m trying to recreate this bug on demand, but can’t forcibly do anything to make it happen – it’s simply, suddenly, editing capability disappears altogether.

    Unfortunately it’s making me look like a jerk because the client is trying to load their content (and, of course, the site is for a photography agency, so this function is key). I just keep saying “I’m working on a fix”…

    Eliot – any further ideas? Or any other info I can provide to help you out?