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  • Hello, I think I have the same problem, I’ve made a website in march 2013 using ACF. In this website, I’ve created a custom post type ‘product’ containing 270 posts. In one ACF Group, I put a rule to show the group to only two posts from product. It’s working fine, but, I’d like to add one new post in the rule and now, my product posts are not shown anymore. The two previous rules are working but don’t show the good info (ex: Post > is equal to > ‘first post of the list’*). *and the list don’t show anymore my products.

    Following the topic here, I checked the registering of my custom post type and at the ‘capability_type’ line, I used this term : ‘content_editor’ accordingly to work with a plugin called ‘map cap’. I deactivated this plugin a put ‘post’ in place of content_editor and it did the trick.

    Now I have to find a way to reactivate ‘Map Cap’. It’s a plugin to manage the right on user types following the custom post types.