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  • I understand how you feel. Maybe I can explain it. On the WordPress platform, pages are displayed in groups of data, and they are referred to as “posts.” WP comes out of the box with two “post types” ; “pages” and the standard “post.”

    The WordPress API allows you to attach “custom fields”, or blocks of data to any post. However, the API is fairly cumbersome for the average user to find useful, so there have been several frameworks built to make the process more user friendly. ACF is one of them.

    ACF is maintained for free, but offers expanded functionality in the form of add-ons such as repeater and flexible content. Offering these add-ons for a fee helps support forums like this one, which offers free support by experts, and helps people like you and me connect the dots where needed, so they can make full use of the software and get their money’s worth.