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  • Duh…. the acf/fields/post_object/query filter

    This is what I needed.

  • Awesome! Thanks John,

    I was under the impression that this would only apply to the back end and not to front end forms, but a quick test shows that it works for front end forms as well.


  • Would be good to know about them however 😉

    In my case I am writing a front end form which loads a field group and I do not want include certain fields if a certain condition is not met.

    What I ended up with is using the acf_get_fields function to get all the fields from a group into an array, then run a foreach on the fields and on certain fields run a check each field.

    So if the admin is reading these forums, it would be good if this function was in the documentation, it would have save me some time 😉


  • Thanks for the reply John,

    I am loading the acf_form_head only when needed. Might be an odd way to do it, but I am using the template_include filter to run the function when my $wp_query->query conditions are met.

    I guess I could re-add the dashicons there.


  • Found the issue….

    I had a code snippet that was used to remove dashicons (wp_deregister_style(‘dashicons’)) but it seems that if the dashicons are removed the css does not load.

    Could be because the fields are being used for custom post types that I have assigned dashicons to (for admin). But I don’t really think that could be it.

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