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  • I can confirm that this is happening to me as well. Even when setting invalid rules on the field group (e.g User Role is contributor when logged in as admin, Post Type is not equal to “Product,” etc.) all field groups are still shown.

  • The new Enable/Disable feature is awesome! Thanks!

  • Yeah, as jefffassnacht mentioned, my intent is to use a draft field as a place to store fields that are a work in progress, or are pending a future deployment.

    Real life example: I might have an upcoming code deployment that relies on specific fields. Rather than having to instruct the person performing the deployment on how to export a field group from the staging site and import it into the production one, I could instead have the requisite field groups set as drafts pending the deployment.

    The developer performing the deployment could then simply set them to Published once the changes are live.

  • This is an issue I am facing as well.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Publish a field group.
    2. Go to edit the field group.
    3. In the Publish metabox in the right-aligned sidebar, click the “Edit” link next to the “Status: Published” text.
    4. In the now-shown dropdown, choose either “Pending Review” or “Draft.”
    5. Click the blue “Update” button in the same metabox.
    6. The chosen status (whether “Pending Review” or “Draft”) is not saved. Field group remains published.
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